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Table 5 Comparison of maximum and actual concentrations of trace elements (mg kg−1) in dry wood ash [32, 71], unpublished results] in Nordic countries and Lithuania

From: Lithuanian forest biomass resources: legal, economic and ecological aspects of their use and potential

StatusLegislation, 2006Legislation, 2007Recommendations, 2007Agrochemical Research Lab, LAMMC*Regulations for wood ash disposal and use
Arsenic (As)-25/3030~ 43
Cadmium (Cd)5/1515/17.5309-115/3
Chromium (Cr)100300100-30/20
Copper (Cu)-600/700400200-250200/100
Mercury (Hg)0.81.03< 0.50.2
Nickel (Ni)30/60100/1507030-3530/20
Lead (Pb)120100/150300~ 6050/40
Zinc (Zn)-1500/45001000-70002500-35001500/1000
  1. *Data show the measured maximum concentrations of trace elements in dry wood ash from energy plants in Lithuania