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Table 1 Prosumer literature review

From: Optimisation of photovoltaic and battery systems from the prosumer-oriented total cost of ownership perspective

#ReferencesBusiness administrationEconomicTechnicalPVBESDescription
1Akter et al. [30]X  XXX• Solar photovoltaic units and battery energy storage systems
• Levelised cost of energy along with reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and grid independency
• In Australia
2Bertolini et al. [31]XX  X • Impact of a PV system for micro-grids
3Bortolini et al. [32]X   XX• Economic model for grid-connected PV and BES system in Italy
4Comello and Reichelstein [33]X   X • Economic efficiency of PV in the U.S.
• Remuneration system
5Cucchiella et al. [34]X   XX• Profitability of PV systems
• profitability of energy storage in a mature market in Italy
6Kamankesh and Agelidis [35]X X X • Optimising the management of the grid with high share of RES and V2G
7Kaschub et al. [36]X   XX• Developments of battery storage technology with PV
• Generation mix of utilities, use of the distribution grid, and electricity price
8Klise et al. [37]XX  X • TCO for PV systems in the U.S.
• Discounted cash flow
9McDowall [38]   XXX• Significance of BES for the autarchy of micro-grids
10Naumann et al. [39]X  X X• Costs and revenues for BES
• Techno-economic model for revenues
11Rosen and Madlener [40]  X   • Changes in market regulations
• Enable trading of energy for prosumers
12Rylatt et al. [41]  XX  • Market model
• Prosumer is embedded in an aggregator structure
13Uddin et al. [42]X   XX• Photovoltaic systems integrated with lithium-ion BES
• In UK
14Vosoogh et al. [43]X XXXX• Optimising the energy flow in a microgrid
15Zhang et al. [44]X   XX• Three different types of BES
• In Sweden