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Table 9 LCA modeling results; climate change (GHG), acidification potential (terrestrial) (AP), fossil depletion (FD), photochemical ozone formation (POF), human toxicity (HT), stratospheric ozone depletion (ODP), eutrophication potential (EP)

From: Thermodynamic and ecological preselection of synthetic fuel intermediates from biogas at farm sites

Impact categories*Innovative power-to-fuel systemConventional system
GHG [kg CO2 eq.]− 3.5700.735
FD [kg oil eq.]− 0.8410.789
EP freshwater [kg P eq.]− 2.02E-039.66E-05
EP marine [kg N eq.]− 1.58E-041.68E-03
AP [kg SO2 eq.]8.33E-031.49E-07
HT [kg 1,4-DB eq.]− 2.0440.000
POF [kg NOx eq.]0.1030.123
ODP [kg CFC-11 eq.]− 2.06E-051.73E-03