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Table 12 Indicators for energy and sustainable development [35]

From: Sustainability indices for energy utilization using a multi-criteria decision model

Factor Variable Intensity - measurement
Energy Final energy consumption (tera joules) (TJ) Final energy consumption per capita (giga joules per person)
  Electricity consumption in industrial and residential sectors (kilowatt hour) (kWh) Electricity consumption in the residential sector per capita (kWh per person)
Economic issue GDP (million US$2005) population Energy intensity: final energy consumption per GDP (TJ/million US$2005)
  Number of industries (an industrial establishment has a minimum of 10 employees and annual minimum production value of US$50,000) Electricity consumption in the industrial sector per industry (kWh per industry)
Environmental issue Emissions: sulfur dioxide SO2 (ppb), particulate matter (microgram per cubic meter) (μg/m3), CO2 emissions (kilotons) Energy consumption per CO2 emissions (TJ/kilotons)
CO2 emissions per capita (tonnes/person)
CO2 emissions per GDP (tonnes/million US$2005)
Social issue GINI, HDI, urban density (population/km2)