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Table 1 Analysed sample of overarching BE policy documents with relevance for sustainability assessment

From: Strengths and gaps of the EU frameworks for the sustainability assessment of bio-based products and bioenergy

IdentifierPolicy titleGeographical relevanceType of documentMandatoryEffective dateAffected BE sectorsInfluence on companiesSpecific targets/goalsTargets/goals measureableAddressed sustainability dimensionsSustainability criteria incorporatedCertification explicitly mentionedDirect links to certificationCertification appropriate instrument
12015 Circular Economy Strategy (Action Plan)EUAction planno2015allno--En So-+--
2Bioeconomy Development in EU Regions Mapping of EU Member States’ / Regions’ Research and Innovation Plans & Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) on Bioeconomy for 2014 -2020EUReportno2017allno--En----
3Bioeconomy Regions in EuropeEUReportno2017allno--En----
4Building the Single Market for Green Products Facilitating better Information on the Environmental Performance of Products and OrganisationsEUStrategyno2013allno++En++++
5EU Forest StrategyEUStrategyno2013allno+-En Ec So++++
6EU Strategy for Plastics in the Circular EconomyEUStrategyno2018CPno++En++++
7Good Practice Guidance on the Sustainable Mobilisation of Wood in EuropeEUGuidanceno2010Fno+-En Ec----
8Guidance on unfair Commercial Practices - Extract on Misleading Green ClaimsEUGuidanceno2005alldirect----+++
9Innovating for Sustainable Growth - A Bioeconomy for Europe (Bioeconomy Strategy)EUStrategyno2012allno+-En Ec So-+++
10Promotion of Sustainable Mobilisation of WoodEUStrategyno2007BEn, Fin-direct+-En++-+
11Action Plan on Renewable Raw MaterialsATAction planno2015F, C, T, CP, P, M/Pno+-En Ec++-+
12Bioeconomy in FlandersBEAction planno2014allno+-En Ec So++-+
13Biorefineries RoadmapDERoadmapno2012BEn, F, Fo, Fe, CP, P, M/Pno+--++-+
14Forest Strategy 2020DEStrategyno2011Fno++En Ec So++++
15National Policy Strategy on BioeconomyDEStrategyno2014allno++En Ec So-+++
16Plan for Growth for Water, Bio and Environmental SolutionsDKGrowth planno2013allin-direct++En++-+
17The Spanish Bioeconomy Strategy 2030 HorizonESStrategyno2016F, Fono++En So-+-+
18Finnish Bioeconomy StrategyFIStrategyno2014all, emphasis on Fin-direct++En----
19A Bioeconomy Strategy for FranceFRStrategyno2016BEn, F, Fo, CP, M/Pno--En++-+
20Energy Transition for Green Growth ActFRAction planno2016BEnno++En-+--
21National Action Plan for Green Public ProcurementFRAction planno2014BEn, C, Fo, T, CP, M/Pdirect++----+
22National Strategy of Ecological Transition towards Sustainable Development 2015-2020FRStrategyno2014allin-direct++En-+-+
23National Environmental Technology Innovation Strategy 2011-2020HUStrategyno2012BEn, C, Fo, Fein-direct++En Ec So-+-+
24Renewable Energy Republic of Hungary - National Renewable Energy Action Plan 2010 2020HUAction planno2010BEndirect++En++++
25Action Plan for the Environmental Sustainability of Consumption in the Public Administration SectorITAction planno2006allno++En+a+++
26Bioeconomy in ItalyITStrategyno2016allno++Ec So-++-
27Towards a Model of Circular Economy for ItalyITReportno2017F, C, Fo, CPno--En So+--+
28A Circular Economy in the Netherlands by 2050NLStrategyno2016allin-direct++En Ec So-+++
29Strategy for a Green SocietyNLStrategyno2013allno+-En Ec So---+
30Green Growth CommitmentPTStrategyno2015allin-direct++En++++
31Swedish Research and Innovation Strategy for a Bio-based EconomySEReportno2012Fo, T, CP, P, M/Pno+-En-+++
32UK Bionergy StrategyUKStrategyno2012BEnin-direct+-En Ec
  1. aIncorporation of FSC/PEFC certification scheme as a whole
  2. The BE sectors are coded as follows: BEn bioenergy, F forestry, Fo food, CP chemicals and plastics, M/P materials/products, C construction, T textiles, P pharmacy, Fe feed. Sustainability dimensions are coded as followed: En environmental, Ec economic, So social; + stands for “included”; − stands for “not included”