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Table 1 Main process parameters for the factory used in the modelling

From: Cultivation of microalgae for biofuel production: coupling with sugarcane-processing factories

Parameters Value References
Sugarcane crop area (ha) 10230 Factory data
Cane production (tons/ha/year) 144 Factory data
Days of operation of the factory 250 Factory data
Mill Capacity (tons/day) 5000 Factory process data
Bagasse production, dry wt. (% on cane) 14% Factory process data
Excess bagasse (% total bagasse) 15.50% (14-17%) Factory process data
Heat content of bagasse (BTU/lb dry wt.) 7893 [14]
Mass of flue gasses produced (dry wt.) (kg of flue gases/kg of bagasse) 7.41 [15]
CO2 produced, (kg of CO2/kg bagasse dry) 1.72 [15]
Surplus water produced at mill (% on cane) 20% Factory process data
Molasses produced (% on cane) 3.20% Factory process data
Ethanol produced (m3/tons molasses processed) 0.23 Factory process data
CO2 produced from EtoH plant, (tons CO2/tons of molasses used) 0.21 Factory process data
Vinasse produced, (m3 of vinasse/ tons of molasses processed ) 2.30 Factory process data