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Table 7 Outputs from the extraction model

From: Cultivation of microalgae for biofuel production: coupling with sugarcane-processing factories

Parameter Value
Disrupted algae flow to extraction step (tons/year) 1032.27
Undisrupted flow to extraction step (tons/year) 114.70
Total recovered extracted oil entering to esterification reactor (tons/year) 247.75
Lipid lost (tons/year) 12.39
Oil going to transesterification (tons/year) 235.36
Ethanol required (tons/year) 5161.35
Make-up flow of ethanol (tons/year) 1.29
LEA to AD (tons/year) 784.53
Undisrupted algae to AD (tons/year) 114.70
Electricity demand for homogenizer (cell disruption) (MWh/year) 206.45
Electricity demand for extraction (MWh/year) 284.91
Thermal energy for extraction (MWh/year) 1341.95