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Table 8 Outputs from the esterification model

From: Cultivation of microalgae for biofuel production: coupling with sugarcane-processing factories

Parameter Value
Lipid flow (tons/year) 235.36
Methanol flow (tons/year) 23.54
Make-up flow methanol (tons/year) 3.71
Catalyst used (tons/year) 1.88
Biodiesel output (tons/year) 188.29
Energy of biodiesel (MWh/year) 2197.34
Purity of biodiesel (wt.%) 97% of 0.24% glycerol, 0.2% methanol, 0.0005% water, and the balance of other impurities
Glycerol output (tons/year) 18.83
Glycerol lost (tons/year) 0.05
Glycerol going to AD (tons/year) 18.78
Glycerol purity (wt.%) 85% glycerol, 15% methanol
Electricity requirement (MWh/year) 0.07
Thermal energy requirement (MWh/year) 128.04