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Table 1 Indicators of exergy efficiency for sustainable agriculture (adapted from [25])

From: Energy efficiency in an integrated agro-ecosystem within an acidic soil area of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Indicators Implication Equation Trend
RI Renewability Index RI = (RR/(RR + NR + PN))
ELI Environmental loading of investment ELI = (PN/(RR + NR)) X
IYR Investment-yield ratio IYR = PN/Y X
ERYR Ecosystem resource-yield ratio ERYR = ((RR + NR)/Y)
STr System transformity STr = (RR + NR + PN)/Y X
NRYR Non-renewable yield ratio NRYR = (NR + PN)/Y X
  1. ” indicates higher is better and “X” indicate lower is better