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Table 2 Model test of panel data

From: Exploring the influencing factors of continuous crop residue supply: from the perspective of a sustainable and bioenergy-oriented crop cultivation

  Groupwise heteroscedasticity (HETCOEF) Serial correlation (RHOHAT) Cross-sectional dependence (CSCORR) Number of cross-sections (N) Number of time periods (T)
Experiments where N > T
H0 No groupwise heteroscedasticity No serial correlation No cross-sectional dependence
Measure 3.17 0.72 0.55 31 10
P value 0.014** 0.007*** 0.284
  1. The measures HETCOEF, RHOHAT and CSCORR are described in Reed and Ye [68]
  2. ***, **, *Significant at 1%, 5%, and 10% levels, respectively