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Table 1 Overview of interviews for the study

From: The role of values for niche expansion: the case of solar photovoltaics on large buildings in Sweden

Type of organization interviewedPV capacityYear of (first) installationShort descriptionInterview number
Cooperative housing association (CHA) 1Ca 60 kW2015Share owned association where all members live in apartments in a common building. Capital investment matching the market value of their apartment is mandatory.1
CHA 2Ca 60 kW20162
CHA 330 kW20153
CHA 433 kW20144
Rental housing cooperative (RHC)100 kW2017Cooperatively organized tenants who are responsible for common areas of their apartment building. Can own common facilities or the entire building.5
Share cooperative (SC) 1598 kW where 74 kW is roof mounted2009Consists of share owners of one or several common solar PV plants. Every share has a fixed price.6
SC 225 kW20157
Village community (VC)N/AN/ACommunity of individual houses, sharing common property and are responsible for collective services8
Cooperative farm (CF)32 kW2017Farm owned by ten families in a cooperative organization9
Property company (PC) 1N/A2013Development and maintenance of commercial and residential buildings for tenants and sometimes for sale (to a CHA).10
PC 2N/A201311
PC 3N/AN/A12
Housing company (HC)78 kW2016Development and maintenance of apartment buildings for private households.13
Electricity company (Utility) 1N/AN/AElectricity trade companies which offer several PV related products such as complete hardware systems and tariffs for grid-fed electricity14
Utility 2N/AN/A15