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Table 2 Examples of how the analysis was performed from the transcribed interview data

From: The role of values for niche expansion: the case of solar photovoltaics on large buildings in Sweden

Examples of transcribed interview (translated into English by article authors)ValueLink to niche expansion
“...we should do as much as we can to contribute to sustainable development. We alone cannot do much, but at least this is something that we can do”SustainabilityDeveloping identity as sustainably proactive
“...thinking about a DC network between three buildings with intelligent energy hubs. It’s stimulating being involved in development projects, not just being a real estate agent.”Induced innovativenessRole development and inclusion of other regime actors in the niche
“An important aspect is that with this installation we can now show a concrete example to others, that this is economically feasible even for a small actor such as ourselves”Fair costDevelopment of niche narrative and social network development