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Table 3 Summary added values from solar PV ownership

From: The role of values for niche expansion: the case of solar photovoltaics on large buildings in Sweden

ValueDescriptionEffects on actor
SustainabilitySolar PV increases environmental sustainability by adding renewable electricity production.Fulfilling actors endeavor to act more sustainably in a concrete way. Facilitates marketing of organization.
Fair costSolar PV reduces costs for electricity consumption in most cases, which is viewed as fair since the actors have invested in production infrastructure.Enhanced and more control of actors’ economy, by less dependency on utility bought electricity.
Active engagementInstalling and running a solar PV plant increases engagement by members in respective organizations.Enhanced experienced social value via the increased engagement from members.
Increased knowledge of the energy systemOwning and running a solar PV plant increases knowledge of the energy system.Knowledge increases which is viewed as interesting and fun. Prerequisite for more resource efficient behavior by consumers.
Induced innovativenessSolar PV plants encourage experimentation with other solutions.Actors increase activities related to their own electricity system and become infrastructure developers by experimenting with additional technology or business models.
Positive atmosphereSolar PV plants enhance the positive atmosphere in the organization by making members proud and engaged in the organization.Overall the atmosphere in the organization is enhanced which increases social value and generates greater attractiveness from external actors.