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Table 1 Carbon surcharge for large-scale and small-scale storage options. For a given specific investment cost cx and carbon ratio αx. csx is the carbon surcharge under the assumption of a storage time of 1 year. nx is the storage time required for the carbon surcharge to be equal to 75 €/tCO2 (n = 10 years and i = 5% is assumed throughout)

From: Global carbon surcharge for the reduction of anthropogenic emission of carbon dioxide

 cx [€/tx]αx [tCO2/tx]csx [€/tCO2] at nx = 1 yearnx[months] at csx = 75 €/tCO2
Coal—large scale2002.5010.487
Limestone—large scale2000.4458.915
Oil—large scale3003.2112.174
Gas—large scale5502.9823.938
Coal—small scale22002.501147.9
Limestone—small scale22000.446481.4
Oil—small scale19003.217711.7
Gas—small scale89002.983872.3