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Table 2 Example of one of the choice sets in the DCE

From: Analyzing German consumers’ willingness to pay for green electricity tariff attributes: a discrete choice experiment

  Tariff A Tariff B No switch
Green energy source Solar Wind  
Share of green energya 80% = 2800 kWh 60% = 2,100 kWh  
Switching bonus €30 €90  
Price guarantee 6 months 6 months  
Tariff price for 3.500 kWh (incl. switching bonus and fees)b 75 €/month
825 €/year
23.5 Cent/kWh
85 €/month
935 €/year
26.7 Cent/kWh
Which alternative do you choose?
  1. Source: author’s elaboration
  2. aThe absolute share of green energy in the tariff is related to an expected average electricity consumption of 3500 kWh year1
  3. bAdvance payments for electricity and gas are calculated for either 12 months or 11 months. Because in Germany the 11-month model is the more common one, it is used in the DCE. This information was given to consumers in the attribute description