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Smart energy systems in cities and regions
Edited by: Goran Krajačić

Energy landscapes of today and tomorrow
Edited by: Daniela Thrän, Grit Ludwig, Dagmar Fiedler

Current status and future challenges in research, development and implementation of sustainable energy systems
Edited by: Dagmar Fiedler, Daniela Thrän

Governing sustainability of bioenergy, biomaterial and bioproduct supply chains from forest and agricultural landscapes
Edited by: Inge Stupak, Tat Smith, Nicholas Clarke


Sustainable use of aquatic macrophytes for the production of bioenergy
Edited by: Lucie Moeller, Andreas Zehnsdorf

Biofuels and (Ir)responsible Innovation
Edited by: H.A. Romijn, A.J.K. Pols, E. de Hoop

Smart and Green Transition in Cities and Regions
Edited by: Michael Narodoslawsky, Martin Fellendorf

The bioresource challenge – A broader view on sustainable bioenergy systems coupled with substantial applications
Edited by: Ina Körner, Michael Narodoslawsky


The broader view – systems analysis for sustainable bioenergy
Edited by: Katja Bunzel, Daniela Thrän

Sustainable Energy – A Systems Approach
Edited by: Michael Narodoslawsky, Dagmar Fiedler

Cape Forum on Green and Smart Transitions in Cities and Regions: Technical and Governance Challenges
Edited by: Dagmar Fiedler, Thomas Hoppe, Johan Hurink, Maarten Arentsen

Andreas Zehnsdorf @ 50: A tribute
Edited by: Dagmar Fiedler, Lucie Moeller 


Young Researchers Forum about Sustainable Development
Edited by: Martin Dolinský, Michael Narodoslawsky

Transition to Renewable Energy Systems
Edited by: Detlef Stolten, Viktor Scherer

The Transition of Energy Systems towards Sustainability: Challenges and Lessons Learnt from the German 'Energiewende'
Edited by: Erik Gawel, Armin Grunwald, Daniela Thrän

Relevant socio-economic aspects for the diffusion of renewable energy technologies
Edited by: Martina Schaefer

Governing the Climate Challenge and Energy Transition in Cities
Edited by: Thomas Hoppe, Ellen van Bueren


Microbiology of Sustainable Biogas Production
Edited by: Sabine Kleinsteuber


Wolfgang Babel @ 75: A tribute
Edited by: Dagmar Fiedler

Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply
Edited by: Martina Schaefer